• Ingredients
    Microalgal oils, helianthus annuus oil, antioxidants (rosemary extract, tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate), cholecalciferol, vegetarian capsule shell (modified starch, vegan glycerol, carrageenan seaweed, sodium carbonate)
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Alex , SA

Fantastic product, love how you use organic tumeric. Value for money and super fast shipping, my family are addicted :)

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April Barr, Hopetoun WA

Hi Sachi and Garuda. I spoke to you both on the phone and emailed a couple of weeks ago. I then asked our chemist to get you turmeric in and happy to say I am on day 3 of 3 x 3 daily. Here's hoping it does the job Best wishes to you both April

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Debbie Borg, Mernda VIC

Amazing service amazing product....u have no idea how grateful I am

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Debbie McCabe , Seville East Victoria

I am amazed at how quickly the organic Tumeric Plus capsules have stopped the arthritic pain in my fingers and thumbs. Really, really pleased.

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Joyce Griffiths, Nilma VIC

All I can say is, that I am extremely happy with both your service, and your product, I know that as soon as I need more supplies, I can rely on you for a speedy delivery.The quality is exceptional. Many Thanks.

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Judy , QLD

I just want to say a big thank you, this is my second order of organic turmeric and I cannot fault your product, price or service. Fantastic, keep up the good work! Thanks Judy (Gold Coast)

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Kerry , VIC

I use these capsules myself and recommend them on a daily basis. They are an absolutely fabulous product and cannot recommend more highly! I am very grateful to be able to source such a high quality product right here in Melbourne.

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Kris Clements, QLD

I was Introduced to Organic Turmeric by a trusted friend and I must say that I am very impressed with the product. Turmeric is the one herb that one should not eliminate out of their diet. I am very active and the product is great.

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LEONIE DOUST, Mandurah Western Australia

Thanks for the prompt service it was here within a couple of days. had to stop taking it while I am taking prescribed medication but as soon as I have finished the course I will continue with the Turmeric tablets. Thanks again

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Peta , Manly Queensland

Life changing in just 2 days, now in week 3 and my Eczema has almost disappeared - no more scratching like I have OCD - happy happy camper indeed ! (BTW was on verge of hospitalisation again just 3 days before starting your Turmeric w pepper and ginger.

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Rae , Mannum SA

I am extremely happy with your product and have no hesitation in recommending it, your service is to be commended, many thanks, Rae

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Rhonda Gates, Sydney NSW

I cannot say enough about the service you get with this company and its FREE...I got my delivery of Organic Turmeric Capsules within 24 hours... And I have been taking these Organic Turmeric Capsules now for about six weeks ... I am a very HAPPY customer. Thank you.

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Sarah , Inverloch VIC

Thank you Garuda for spending so much of your time explaining turmeric and it's benefits to me. Your knowledge was impressive and I believe you are providing a fantastic product. Thank you also for getting the product to your customers quickly.

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Shannon Chalker, Goulburn NSW

The capsules arrived in record time! Two weeks on and I'm very pleased with how they reduce pain quickly and effectively from my fibromyalgia. I have recommended this product far and wide. Thank you.

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Sue Thomson, Potts Point NSW

Have been using the turmeric for a considerable length of time for arthtitic reasons myself as has my 92 y.o. mother. She has quite severe arthritis and swears the organic turmeric is keeping her pain free. Also the service from Garuda and his team is exemplary. Well done!

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Susan Gale, Miranda NSW

This is my first order and it arrived the very next day. Fantastic service. Looking forward to trying the product as I have painful knees and feet. Thanks again for great service. Will recommend you to everyone. Susan

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Tracy , WA

Thank you for getting my order out so fast. I ran out and I really felt the difference with not taking the Turmeric capsules. I thank you for a quality product, love it.

Regards, Tracy

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Valerie Shirley, Grose Vale NSW

This is the 2nd time I have ordered organic turmeric from you and the service is terrific. It is delivered the next day even though we live in a rural area. I will recommend you to my friends. Very impressed. Thank you, Val

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Curcumin or Whole Turmeric?

Chemical Processing
One reason we don’t use a curcumin extract is because of the way it is extracted. There are a number of solvents that can be used to extract curcumin: hexane, acetone, ethylene dichloride and irradiation microwaves to name a few. All involve unnecessary heating and processing and can often leave a chemical residue in the product.

How much curcumin are you truly getting? Here are two studies that show turmeric is actually more bioavailable to the body than curcumin by itself:

Study 1 (click to view)
Study 2 (click to view)

Turmeric has hundreds of actives that work together, some actually more powerful than curcumin.

Organic Source
It is extremely difficult to find an organic source of curcumin. This means there is a issue of quality. Turmeric can be made very cheaply and so when looking for any food or supplement you should always be on the look out for higher quality.

If you would still prefer a curcumin extract, we highly recommend sourcing an organic product.

Organic Turmeric Capsules Australia

Why Turmeric?

Scientific research has discovered well over 300 active ingredients in turmeric that have powerful effects in the body. Organic turmeric is a potent herb with a vast number of health benefits. In fact, turmeric is so healing in so many ways to the body, it is considered to be the greatest of all herbs by some practitioners.

In Ayurveda, the practice of traditional Indian medicine, turmeric is prescribed for just about everything - from cuts and grazes, to respiratory ailments, liver disease, gas, bloating, digestive illness, the heart, as an anti-septic - and the list goes on.

To view just a small summary of health benefits compiled from actual peer reviews, visit our turmeric health and research page.

If you have never tried turmeric for health before, then now is a great opportunity to experience what so many health professionals and researchers are talking about. People have reported benefits with as little as 1 x 750mg turmeric capsule with each meal. Whether you are looking for a maintenance dose or to help with some ailment, it is never too late to add some turmeric to your daily life

Why Organic?

Plants, much like us, are biological living beings. Just as we can become weakened and lose our vitality when exposed to chemicals and radiation, plants too lose their ability to fight disease and infection. In the same way chemicals build up in our system, toxic chemicals are also found in conventionally farmed foods. These chemicals eventually end up in our bodies and can cause serious damage.

Our organic turmeric capsules contain 100% pure organic turmeric powder that has been certified by the ACO. This means no chemicals were used in any process of harvesting or growing of the turmeric herb. Furthermore, unlike other powdered herbs, organic herbs are not irradiated before entering the country. Irradiation is yet another way the vitality of our food is compromised.

In the words of Hippocrates "Let food be thy medicine". For your food to be an effective medicine, it shouldn't contain chemicals or toxins that cause harm to the cells in your body. Since our organic turmeric capsules contain no chemicals and is simply pure, ground, organically grown turmeric, you know you are getting the very best. Try organic turmeric for health and well being.


Latest Info


Click here to view the components and actions of turmeric


Science confirms that turmeric is as effective as 14 drugs.Click hereto see the full article.


A study finds that using curcumin with turmerones (volatile oil in turmeric) significantly increases absorption of curcumin taken by itself.Click here to view the study

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between turmeric capsules and curcumin capsules?

Turmeric is a root that is pulled from the ground, much like ginger (they’re actually from the same family). Turmeric is made up of many constituents (also known as actives), one of which, is curcumin. In total, there is over 1,000 constituents in turmeric. Click here to see an image which will show you a range of constituents that naturally occur in turmeric.

Curcumin (there are actually 3 curcuminoids) is a one of the constituents found in turmeric and gives turmeric its golden colour. It is probably one of most researched constituents from a herb in the scientific world with over 600 peer reviewed scientific studies. In short, curcumin is an extract of turmeric, in the same way that sodium is an extract of salt which naturally contains over 80 minerals.

How many turmeric capsules should I take each day?

There is some research where 3 grams/day of turmeric was successfully used to treat gastrointestinal ulcers. We recommend 2 capsules twice a day (total of 4 capsules) which equates to about 3 grams of turmeric as a standard dose. Some people take more (up to 9 capsules/day) while others only take 2 capsules a day. Whatever you decide, turmeric is dose dependant which means the more you take, the stronger the effect will be.

When taking over 4 turmeric capsules per day, be careful if you have gall stones, are on blood thinners or if you are pregnant.

Where does your turmeric come from?

We have tried to source our organic turmeric from Australia, however there is very little farming of organic turmeric in Australia due to the high competition from overseas markets. The small amounts and high price prevent us from using Australian grown organic turmeric. We have also tried organic turmeric from Indonesia and found that it was not up to the standard and quality we expect.

Our turmeric comes from various organic farms in India as supply is constantly varying simply because no one farm can cope with the demand.

Are your turmeric capsules certified organic?

Yes, our organic turmeric is certified by the ACO (provider number 11252), which is our manufacturers certification number. You can verify this by visiting the ACO website.

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